Summer Camp/Daily Schedule

Summer camp

What Kids Get!

Universal Rock School’s Rock Camp is one of the only instrument centered music immersion programs in the Pinellas County Area. Open to ages 5 to 11, with opportunities for Beginners to Advanced players. Your child will not only develop skills in their personal chosen instrument but will also be given introductory lessons on all of our main instruments, as well as the foundations of reading music, giving them a broad and strong base for further musical development. The daily activities build teamwork, creativity and musical skills! Camp sessions run from one week long to the whole summer! See the summer rock camp flyer for rates and to pick your preferred session length. Four and Eight-week sessions will culminate in a final Friday recorded album plus special lesson offers after camp is finished. Every two weeks campers will make an album that will be uploaded to to show their work!

Pinellas Summer Camp

A typical day consists of:

• 8am – 9am: Before Care – Drawing, Games and Board Games!

• 9am – 9:30am: Performance Warm-up Games! Theater games and fun warm up group games!

• 9:30am – 10:00am: Instrument Exposure Class! Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass, Vocals (each day of the week we focus on a new instrument! Taught by a professional musician in that instrument. Learn basic playing skills, reading music and about that instrument )!

• 10:00am – 10:30am: Instrument of Focus Practice or Art! Students learn and practice their individual song parts plus drawing time to design everything a rock band needs (Band logo, Album cover etc.)!

• 10:30am – 12:00pm: Band Meeting and Practice! Learn and practice Songs by Playing in a Band!

• 12pm – 12:45pm: Lunch (lunch is packed from home)

• 1pm – 2pm: Active Recreation or Field Trip! Active activity encourages movement and physical fitness (helps kids release stress and focus)!

• 2pm – 3:00pm: Band Practice! Second Practice Session of the Day!

• 3:00pm: Regular Camp Pick Up!

• 3:00-5:30: Aftercare Movie, games, or work on band art!

Every Session Gets

Introduction To/ 101 Classes introducing the foundations of each instrument!

A chance to play and learn about all the instruments offered in the summer program (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, synth, voice,)! –

Assignment of one specific instrument which will be their Instrument of Focus for the program!

Fun and exciting field trips to local attractions!

Team building sports and games, dance, fitness, and  indoor and outdoor activities!

Album Cover Design, Band Logo Design and other Art Classes!

Music History! -Foundations of Reading Music!-Songwriting and other writing classes!

Daily Band Lessons – Play in a real band!!